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Whether you are in search of the right agency to locate you the perfect home, or are interested in selling your home, you have come to the right place. We work with clients from Carmel to Sonoma and everywhere in between.

Networking Is Key

You are either in search of a home, or pondering the sale of your own, either way, you want an avid networker. You need a partner that works with everybody, talks to everyone - you found that person, that company.

Lisa V. Taylor

Lisa, the CEO, Realtor & Estate Specialist at EstateTeams, and agent in Piedmont at Better Homes & Gardens Highland Partners is your partner. Communication, detail and one on one relationships are what she brings to you. She provides complimentary estate valuations, when you are ready to move on from any Bay Area or Central Coast City... it's as easy as a phone call: 510.610.4461

You can also learn more at: www.LisaTRealtor.com